The Lack of Family Connection & Memories

Nowadays, people get connected through social media; however, we found that the connection among family members are lacking.

We want to encourage people to begin collecting their precious moments in life. Our mission was to create an environment to share valuable memories within family group and save both in digital and physical format.

Our Approach

Unicam mainly focuses on the family member as a user, which means that from grandchildren to grandparents will be our target user. As we began the research, we decided to focus on the age of 50s because this generation still struggle with adaptaion of photo cloud/editing apps since the apps they are using are mostly designed for millenials. We wanted to design an experience that even older generation could use it without any hesitation.

Design Strategy

Business Goals & Success Metrics

Main Profit will be from providing premium account service for people who wants to spend subscription money in order to get the larger cloud space. Everyone will start with a free membership, but providing a chance to experience premium account for 30 days can be our option for customers.

Free Membership

$0 / month

  • 2GB Cloud Storage
  • 1 Album
  • 2 Accounts Sharing
  • Technical Support

Premium Membership

$4.99 / month

  • 25GB Cloud Storage
  • 20 Albums
  • Unlimited Account Sharing
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Design Strategy

Brand Identity

Unicam is a clean, narrative, and friendly brand, which allows all kinds of generation experience a joyful moment while using the application. While many photo + sharing storage applications target for a general sharing use of younger generation, we also consider elders as one of our target users. Facebook’s Moments application is our biggest competitor; however, Moments mainly target for building a connection between friends on Facebook. Unicam will concentrate on strong inner connection for family members.

Design Research

Target User & Insights

Design Research

User Journey Map

Our scenario was sharing a photo of pie baking using camera app. User finds a difficulty while editing the photo because the function was not clear. By building a user journey map, we could find out a pain-point that the app architecture complexity will confuse our target user generation.


Information Architecture



As we developed wireframes, tablet users were having trouble pressing camera shutter button because of the big screen. Because it was hard to reach to the button, we’ve decided to make buttons on the left and right sides to make it approachable.


Final Design