Stress is all around us, degrading our quality of life.

73% of people said they regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress in the United States.

Driving could be a good source to de-stress and unwind from everyday unhappy moments because it is easily accessible and effortless for people who enjoy driving.

My Approach

Convertible mainly focuses on young college drivers as a main target user. When I worked as a presentation designer at Samsung, I used to relieve my work stress from driving all the curvy fun route with opened windows on my way to home after work. Therefore, I came up with this idea to design a experience that identifies each user's personalized driving experience based on their life pattern, preferences, and feeling.

Design Strategy

Business Goals & Success Metrics

Since Convertible is a location-based application, we will earn profit from the advertisements of surrounding services. Main advertisements will be related to outdoor activity products and services, which ties into our target user. Convertible application will expand from the net profit of local advertisements to partnership with other services.

Design Strategy

Brand Identity

From senior drivers to young college drivers, this Convertible mobile application recommends ideal driving routes depends on user’s mood, location, weather, and personal preferences from the data and review that were shared by others. This personalization stands out from our competitors. The most similar application I found was the app called “RoadTrippers”; however, as I was exploring this application, it was lacking of the function that the application is generating just general points of interest, not only for one person.

Design Research

Target User & Insights

Throughout interviews and research, young college Drivers cared about price, sharing experience, reviews & ratings, sharing their routes with friends, and weather information. Senior Drivers prefered to have the weather information, value, belonging in the community, and quality experience. In short, drivers wanted their experience to be shared and read reviews before so that they can interact via device, and weather expectation was important.


Information Architecture


Building Wireframes

From the feedback from my main user group, college friends inspired me to choose the most suitable wireframes for each stages. Final iteration of wireframe consisted keyword searching base system, which users felt simple enough to express their preferences and current mood. Scrolling down or side ways was better than having to skip into bunch of pages.


Final Iteration

It is more than a mobile app, it creates the real space that you live in. The personalized screens show your location-based background and animated entertaining weather simulation.

No need to read long boring sentences, simple keywords are just enough.

Explore and plan for the trip so that your trip can be more perfect. This interactive interface will not bore you, it will keep you interested in saving your must-go-lists.

Get direction right away, add a variety of stops by searching attractions, accomodations, dinings, etc. and if you need more information, simply tap more info. After planning, get estimated time, mileage, gas cost.

After every trip, you will have a chance to help us to keep the characteristics database of every route that you’ve explored. This helps us and the other users to search the future scenic roads. How you felt throughout the driving will take a big part of the database.